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Our Story

Wah Gwan (in my Jamaican Voice lol) My Name Is Ralston Mckenzie Jr. I was born in Houston Texas but raised in Wilmington Delaware. We specialize in what we call homestyle cooking, the type of cooking we like to think of as food you would get when you get done playing outside and momma yells "kids it's dinner time" and you come in and see Oxtails, Rice and Peas, Cabbage or Collard Greens, but ya baby sister doesn't eat that so mom made her stuffed salmon with jumbo lump crab meat with 5 cheese baked mac with the cheese all bubbling on the top with some fresh cut sweet potatoes topped with homemade caramel and it's not too sweet but sticky at the same time...


Yeah That's What We Are Doing

At the Homestyle Kitchn, Just some Damn Good Comfort Food with a Jamaican Twist Upscale Style

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